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About mummymusthaves

Hi I’m Kirsta Docherty – the owner and founder of mummymusthaves.com.au which I set up with my partner back in 2011. Mummymusthaves was created out of a passion for helping women in business which came about after I had my first child.


I had a great career in marketing and advertising, working in some of Western Australia’s leading agencies on some pretty large and decent accounts.  My partner and I started our own agency Evolution Integrated Marketing in 2005, about the same time we started trying to have a baby.  That was going to be easy right? … but it wasn’t and we spent a few years having IVF (that’s another story), lost one baby then finally were blessed with our beautiful daughter Ivy Frances Rose (or Ivy F as the initials say on the medicare card…)  Yes, we planned that and still think we are pretty clever as did the lovely ladies in the Fertility Clinic.

I was 38 by the time I finally fell pregnant and thought I was totally all over this and it would be a breeze. Wow, who pulled the rug out from under my capable self?? What followed was a stunned mummy, trying to figure out how to look after a baby (with a couple bulged disks to add to the mix) and also run a business.  It was also the time I ‘took up’ social media.

So mummymusthaves.com.au was created.  I wanted an option to work from home, I wanted to show women that starting a business was possible, I wanted to promote all of the creative mummies out there and I was coming across so many new and awesome products I had never seen before.

About mummymusthaves.com.au

Mummymusthaves is a place for all mums and mums-to-be to enjoy, browse, share & review (everyone else is also welcome too).

Our team source products and services that make the lives of mums easier and more enjoyable . We will share with you any ‘must-haves’ that we find out there or stuff that we just love. We are also Mums. We love our kids and we also know how important it is to look after ourselves. So while there will be plenty of beautiful and handy ‘things’ to look at, there is also a little something just for you..

A big part of our business is supporting small business.  We would love to help you promote your business or products so get in contact with us today if you think you have a ‘must-have’ product for mums. Or if you would like to feature in our Women in Business Section – created to showcase other successful women in business and their journey, tips, trials and tribulations!

We have over 10,000 followers across our social media platforms too.

Do you think you have a must have product or service offering you want to share with us? Your products can be in the categories of:

Mums | babies | toddlers & kids | health & beauty | fashion | eat & drink | the home

We would love to hear from you so please email our team at info@mummymusthaves.com.au.

All the best in your journey

Kirsta Docherty


  1. Just want to say a massive thank you for my Webee keyboard it arrived today and my son already loves it. Thank you again,

    Emma and James

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