Tuesday , 23 January 2018
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Women In Business

Women inspire me! 

Since having children I have grown to love the community of women, talking and sharing with women and now working with Women in Business on a regular basis.  

In this section you will find interviews with Women who inspire me and hopefully, inspire you!  They are women who have started their own business, the majority who are bringing up children at the same time. ( Please know that I am not discounting the support of the husbands, partners and fathers out there in any way – I am just focusing on women and my journey).  

We look at how they started, their highs and lows, staying motivated, time management and share a few of their tips and tricks.  We hope to provide you with inspiration, insights + give you some confidence if you have ever thought about starting your own business.

About about me.

I was a focused career women who started my journey into motherhood later in life.  My partner and I started trying to have children at 35, were not successful on our own so turned to IVF to assist.  Some three years later we were blessed with our first beautiful child Ivy and then at 41 I had my second child, my ‘cute as’ son Finn.  The whole time I was running my business and started 2 other businesses along the way and started consulting. My partner was always involved at every stage but I still felt isolated and needed more – it was contact with other like minded women that I wanted.

My main reason for creating ‘Women in Business’ is that I have learned so much about women, their strengths, compassion, determination, energy and creativity. I want to help share these passions and provide a place where women can grow, nurture each other and even gain the confidence to start their own business. In the future we will create a close knit community where we can share ideas and stories.

We would love to hear from you. Please contact us if you know a women in business who deserves to be featured here.

Vanessa Megan – Vanessa Megan Skincare

vanessa megan skincare

You should never put anything on your skin that you wouldn’t eat. Vanessa Megan is one of those unforgettable types.  Such a kind hearted person with a huge smile from ear to ear. I went to school with Vanessa and was very close friends with her sister Zalia – I used to visit them at their pig farm in Byford and always …

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Moteef – Women in Business Featuring Terri Ioannou


When blurred vision became a reality. Meet Terri Ioannou – Owner and Founder of Moteef. “I believe that a consciously coloured space can enhance social and personal experiences. I design so people are inspired to relax, share food and really connect in comfort all year round” I have to say that I really am genuinely inspired by this woman!  She …

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Women in Business – Summer Beach

Summer beach

Tanya Hay and Amanda Hay – owners and founders of Summer Beach found a way to turn a passion into a business. How did you get started?   Amanda Hay (Tanya’s mother) was enjoying selling these stunning Mandalas at local markets in Queensland and they were always a great seller.  Tanya recently had a baby (gorgeous drew) who is now 8 …

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