Tuesday , 23 January 2018
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Gizmo Tots Product Review

kids placemat

Do your kids love to make a ginormous mess at mealtimes?   Amelia is nearly three but she still manages to spread her food halfway across the table.  Gone are the days of bowls thrown across the room, but she still manages to make the table look like the aftermath of a Veggies vs. Chicken Nuggets smackdown contest after dinner …

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Charlotte Tilbury Product Review

make up review

I felt a little trepidation when given the Charlotte Tilbury makeup palette to review – I’m not a big makeup person, plus I am definitely not a selfie-taker (ie: I’m not 17 and let’s face it, pouting in front of a camera which just refuses to show me in a half decent light is not my idea of fun!).  However, …

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Dandelion Baby Organic Onesie Product Review

organic baby clothing

Today was so gloriously sunny, it was the perfect opportunity to try out the Dandelion Baby Organic Onesie.   Modern parents are certainly more concerned than ever with ensuring that the clothing their babies wear and the toys they play with are not only safer (ie: no nasty toxins), but also gentler on the earth.  Dandelion Baby aim to achieve …

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Postpartum body difficulties and dealing with it…

postpartum pregnancy

Mum, How Do You Feel about Your Postpartum Body? When you are pregnant, not many things occupy your attention apart from that little bundle of joy you’ve got kicking inside your belly(unless you have an active toddler on your hands). What most mums-to-be start thinking about almost immediately after they find out they’ll be a parent is baby names, nurseries, …

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Celebrating your kids birthday is easy as 1, 2, 3!

kids party

Got a celebration coming up for your little one? Hooray Day is here to help! In 3 simple steps we can get you saying Hooray to your special day!   Step 1 – Imagine Do you have the vision for your celebration but not the time or know how to turn it into a reality? Want your little ones wiped …

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Post-pregnancy and your old self

postpregnancy baby

Mummy Makeover – Feel Like Yourself Again Having a baby is one of the most amazing things that can happen to a woman. Suddenly, you have a small human being seeking your love and protection, but does that mean you should no longer pay attention to yourself? Of course not. The post-pregnancy period brings a lot of changes to your …

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Hack your home to suit YOU and Your Kids!

kid friendly, home, kids, mums

Amazing Kid-Friendly Ideas Around The House   Having a child means making a lot of compromises. One of them is to adapt your house to its new “resident”, or several of them! This is never an easy feat, so here are our examples on the best ways you can turn your home kid-friendly. Furniture Furniture is usually the most problematic. To …

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Stretch marks are your honour badges!

stretch marks symbol

Stretch Marks – Why I Love Them and Why I Want to Get Rid of Them   There is more than one reason to love your stretch marks. As Chrissy Teigen says: “You had a baby, you delivered a human to this world so you earned them.” The model isn’t afraid of embracing her ‘flaws’ and she even posted a …

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Planning a Party: Make the Decor the Theme

planning a kids party

Planning a kids party has become a lot more demanding that it used to be!! Planning a birthday party for a child has become a lot more demanding than it used to be. Once upon a time it was possible to just buy some balloons and streamers, a cake, and invite around all the neighbourhood kids. Thanks to Pinterest and …

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Santa’s Magical Kingdom Crown Perth Review

WOW, What a night out at Santa’s Magical Kingdom!! We were asked to review Santa’s Magical Kingdom showing in Perth at Crown Casino and my two kids were to put it mildly.. just a tad excited! The hardest part is to work out how to pack in everything and I mean everything in just the 3 hour session! (having said …

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