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Gizmo Tots Product Review

kids placemat

Do your kids love to make a ginormous mess at mealtimes?   Amelia is nearly three but she still manages to spread her food halfway across the table.  Gone are the days of bowls thrown across the room, but she still manages to make the table look like the aftermath of a Veggies vs. Chicken Nuggets smackdown contest after dinner …

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Charlotte Tilbury Product Review

make up review

I felt a little trepidation when given the Charlotte Tilbury makeup palette to review – I’m not a big makeup person, plus I am definitely not a selfie-taker (ie: I’m not 17 and let’s face it, pouting in front of a camera which just refuses to show me in a half decent light is not my idea of fun!).  However, …

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Postpartum body difficulties and dealing with it…

postpartum pregnancy

Mum, How Do You Feel about Your Postpartum Body? When you are pregnant, not many things occupy your attention apart from that little bundle of joy you’ve got kicking inside your belly(unless you have an active toddler on your hands). What most mums-to-be start thinking about almost immediately after they find out they’ll be a parent is baby names, nurseries, …

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Post-pregnancy and your old self

postpregnancy baby

Mummy Makeover – Feel Like Yourself Again Having a baby is one of the most amazing things that can happen to a woman. Suddenly, you have a small human being seeking your love and protection, but does that mean you should no longer pay attention to yourself? Of course not. The post-pregnancy period brings a lot of changes to your …

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Stretch marks are your honour badges!

stretch marks symbol

Stretch Marks – Why I Love Them and Why I Want to Get Rid of Them   There is more than one reason to love your stretch marks. As Chrissy Teigen says: “You had a baby, you delivered a human to this world so you earned them.” The model isn’t afraid of embracing her ‘flaws’ and she even posted a …

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De Lorenzo Argan Oil Review

De Lorenzo Argan Oil

Defence Thermal Argan Oil – Hair Care from De Lorenzo If you’re anything like me, since having kids you’ve pretty much said sayonara to your hair care routine so when asked to review the De Lorenzo Defence Thermal Argan Oil I was quite excited. Despite having children I maintain very long hair, and to make matters worse I also insist …

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EYE CREAM – Paula’s Choice RESIST Anti-Aging

OPEN YOUR EYES TO PAULA’S CHOICE – EYE CREAM Many moons ago I stumbled across two articles that impacted the way I shop for beauty and eye cream products forever. One story detailed the vigorous training and eating schedule adopted by a supermodel (post-baby); the other featured the very minimalist beauty regime of a then-famous London IT-girl; she claimed only …

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The Benefits to Getting Pretty at Home


Going to the beauty salon is for the most part, a fun, relaxing and pampering experience. We all love to pamper ourselves once in a while, but what happens when our busy routine prevents us from scheduling a well deserved spa day? No problem! You can enjoy a mini-spa at home with these two fun, and easy, DIY beauty tips, …

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MooGoo Skin Care | Mum and Baby Gift Box

If you love using all-natural products on yourself, and want to treat your baby to the same, you simply can’t go past MooGoo Skin Care. Or perhaps you might want a special baby shower gift – in which case, you can’t walk past MooGoo’s Mum and Baby Gift Box!   Check out MooGoo’s website LIKE MooGoo’s Facebook page

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Chantal’s Glamour Parlour | Professional Beauty & Dermal Clinic (Perth)

Chantal’s Glamour Parlour is a professional beauty and dermal clinic operating in Padbury, WA. Chantal is a professional make up artist and beauty therapist (she’s also a FULLY qualified Dermal Therapist and IPL and Laser Officer), offering a range of skin-care and makeup services including: Waxing UV-free spray tan Makeup, eye lash extensions Mani-pedi Dermal therapy IPL and laser hair …

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