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BOOK REVIEW | Let’s Go Outside

Let’s Go Outside: Developmental Images for Newborns 0-6 Months, written by Bianca Ebeling and illustrated by Jacek Cieslinski is a lovely board book. Although it is designed for small babies, my 15 months old daughter and even my 3 years old son enjoyed it quite a lot.

As suggested by the title, the picture book is all about what can be found on the outdoors, like the sun, birds, ocean and snow. It is very interesting to see how creative the children can be when you give them a chance to tell a history based only on the pictures. It is so important to give them a chance to explore their language and imagination, and sometimes just stepping back and being a spectator amazes me. My son was able to tell so many different stories and my daughter was pointing to the pictures and looking for the element around her. She could hear the birds and associate the sound with the picture.

I do have a few friends with infants and I will definitely bring the book along next time we meet. For the little ones it is suggested on the website to create your own story as you go through the book with your baby or simply place the book in front of your baby during tummy time, nappy changes or when your baby is in their car seat during car trips.

Researching on the Internet, on the Save our Sleep website, I also learnt the reason behind the black and white choice for the colours of the book. The newborn’s vision begins very poor and blurry and the best way to stimulate is by using high contrast pictures. Studies have proven that black and white images register powerfully on a baby’s retina and send the strongest visual signals to the baby’s brain. Stronger signals means greater brain growth and faster visual development. Black and white or contrasting toys such as mobiles, rattles, books, taggies and other exciting toys will grab your baby’s attention far better if they are the right colours. In your baby’s early months try to resist the pale blue and pink toys and go for the black, white and red one. Very interesting information.






Overall I think the book is very creative, made from resistant material and an excellent choice for the next baby shower present!

My kids would happily vote this book a Mummy Must Have.

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DID YOU KNOW:  in Bendigo, Victoria each baby born receives one of the “Let’s Go Outside” books for their developmental purpose and to aid visual developmental and support literacy skills from day 1.

We think that is pretty amazing!

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