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kids placemat

Gizmo Tots Product Review

Do your kids love to make a ginormous mess at mealtimes?


kids placemat Amelia is nearly three but she still manages to spread her food halfway across the table.  Gone are the days of bowls thrown across the room, but she still manages to make the table look like the aftermath of a Veggies vs. Chicken Nuggets smackdown contest after dinner each night.


GizmoTots Placemats are aiming to help keep our dining areas just that little bit tidier with their nifty silicone placemats.  The great thing is that the silicone creates a suction effect and ‘sticks’ to the table, so you can say goodbye to bowls and plates getting knocked onto the floor.  The food sections are moulded to create different cute designs (we trialed the frog face).


kids placemat The placemats are made 100% from high-quality silicone which is BPS, PVC and BPA free, hypo-allergenic and doesn’t hold bacteria. The biggest plus for me? They’re safe for dishwashers so it’s easy to clean after each use (nothing comes into my kitchen if it can’t  be put in the dishwasher!).  The Silicone is extremely long lasting and durable so the placemats can also be used in the microwave, oven, fridge or freezer.  


Amelia liked the novelty of the placemat, and whilst she still managed to get her sticky fingers on her chair and on herself, at least the placemat prevented anything being knocked over.  This will be an even bigger plus for parents of younger babies.

kids placemat

GizmoTots Placemats are available online in three different designs: car, bowl and frog face and in three different colours: pink, blue and green. RRP $29.99.  You can buy them and check out their range here:



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