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REVIEW | Australian Girl Doll

My daughter Maria was delighted to review this very special product! She is almost 1 and a half but absolutely loves playing with dolls already! She is the second child, and having an older brother means a house packed with superheroes and cars everywhere! She is over the moon with her new best friend! The Dolls are recommended for ages 4+ as the childs’ ability to manage and play with the doll, hair brushing, dressing etc is suited to that age group.


We received our Amy Doll, made by the Australian company Australian Girl. The box itself is very nice, and the doll comes with an extra pair of sandals. We were also given a storybook about Amy and a hairbrush. The details are impressive, especially her very soft and natural hair. We loved brushing her curls and touching it. My children are obsessed with hairbrushes, so it was a good break for my own hair! Points for that!

The doll is 20 inches tall and has got a soft body, which is very nice for snuggles. The pink dress she’s wearing is lovely and made from a good material. You can take it out for washing and changing outfits. On the website you can buy cute outfits and extras for the doll, like a bed. They even have the Frozen dresses! Maria has also got ‘Frozen’ fever, so having the option to buy an Elsa outfit and not another doll, is great!

The website is nice, with lots to look at and you can see the full range of dolls and accessories. View the site here.

Australian Girl  makes a few different dolls and each one has a unique style and story. Ours is called Amy and she is from Adelaide. She loves sport especially Netball, Soccer and Football. We could learn more from her reading her booklet and also navigating the website. There are dolls named Matilda, Annabelle, Emily and Jasmine. The name choices are just perfect for Australian Dolls.

As a mum, I loved the fact that Amy looks a lot like Maria. Myself and my husband are both from Brazil, so our children are Australians with a South American background. I have a tanned skin, black hair and eyes. Maria does too. She doesn’t have the typical big blue eyes and pink cheeks as most of the baby dolls have on the market, or even most of the Disney Princesses.

Our Amy doll also has brown skin and curly black hair. She’s a perfect pair for my daughter. When Maria gets a bit older and starts understanding a bit more about image and differences, I’m sure she will be pleased to find a gorgeous doll that looks like just like her.

Amy is now going everywhere we go. She has been to many parks, shops and around the neighbourhood. Her hair definitely doesn’t look like the one on the photo, but is still soft and nice to brush. If I could improve one aspect of the doll would be to make her able to sit down. (The dolls do sit unaided in a ballet style pose and are suited to be more of a friend rather than for baby style play) I can see Maria’s frustration when she places her on the floor to play pretending games, like feeding her, and the doll can’t hold itself (an age thing I guess). Apart from that, we truly love her! Amy is now a beloved friend to maria and has an important place in our house. I’m sure she will have a special place here for many years to come!

We absolutely love Australian Girl Dolls and their very unique range of dolls and accessories.  The range of dolls from Australian Girl have been voted a mummy must have!

Check out more about Australian girl, new product lines and other info out on Facebook.

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  1. Interested in the Australian Girl dolls. They say that annebelle is leaving. Is this true. What dolls are gonna be available. I want Amy but I wanted one to go with her. And my granddaughter as well. We both love dolls. Are you going to sell them. Please let me know what is going to be available

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